The Solar Savings Add Up

Your NRG Solar+ solution aims to help you save money on your energy bill every month. And by taking advantage of tax incentives and rebates, you can take your system’s affordability to the next level.
Eligibility and availability of federal, state, and local tax credits, incentives, and rebates can vary based on your personal situation. Together with our trusted installation partners, we can help you navigate and make the most of the federal tax incentives and your local state’s rebate offers. Learn more about the ITC here.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) applies to customers who purchase a rooftop solar system. The residential federal tax credit is currently set to 26%. This means you can deduct 26% of the cost of the system from your taxes. But, unless Congress renews the ITC, it is set to drop down and be phased out by 2024, so purchase your system today to maximize the value of the tax credit.

●  Current tax credit: 26% and applies to systems installed through Dec. 31, 2022

●  2023: 22% Federal Investment Tax Credit

●  2024+: 0% tax credit

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What if I add on battery storage?
Don’t think you have enough tax liability to maximize the value of the 26% savings?
How do you claim your tax credit?

Maryland Residents Tax Incentives

In addition to the Federal ITC, many states offer additional tax incentives and rebates. Learn more about your state-specific incentives and tax exceptions.

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Maryland Solar Rebates
Storage Tax Incentives
Solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs)
Maryland Tax Exemptions

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*All tax incentives and rebates are applicable to residential solar customers, but all programs are provided and administered by government agencies, so eligibility and availability of offers are outside of NRG and our installation partners’ control. You should always consult your tax professional for your situation.

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