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Energy Can Be Rewarding

Earn Speedy Rewards points for your everyday electricity use.

● 50,000 Speedy Rewards Points electricity bonus

● 30,000 Speedy Rewards Points natural gas bonus

● 15 points for every $1 spent on electricity supply

● Introductory pricing for 3 months

Enroll today to enjoy these rewards:

Earn Rewards Points

You'll earn a 50,000 Speedy Rewards Points after just 2 months as an NRG customer

Earn Monthly Points

As a loyal customer, you'll receive 15 points for every $1 spent on the supply portion of your electric bill

Get Introductory Pricing

You will receive an introductory electric supply price for your first 3 months*

Get bonus rewards for adding a natural gas account

If you enroll your natural gas account today, you'll get 30,000 Speedy Reward Points and an additional 15 points for every $1 spent on the supply portion of your natural gas bill.

Switching to NRG is Easy!

  1. Enter your zip code.
  2. Review your details and select your electricity plan and natural gas plan.
  3. Complete the enrollment form including your utility account number (find this on your current energy bill).
  4. Review your information an confirm your plan.
  5. Sit back and start earning Speedy Rewards points!
*After your introductory period expires, your ongoing supply price will be variable, and may be higher than your utility company’s supply rate.
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