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Electricity generated from 100% renewable energy sources, reduced electricity rate during off-peak hours and fixed electric supply price for one year.

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Wherever you are in the EV process, NRG is here to help

Want to learn more about the benefits of EVs? Curious about how you can save up to $7,500 in federal incentives? Or are you an established EV owner in the market for a home charging system? Whatever your needs, let NRG be your guide. Explore the options below for resources and tools to inform your decision-making process.

Be the driver of change

Electric vehicles (EVs) are transforming the auto industry. With a growing number of makes and models available, as well as federal and state incentives, owning an EV is practical for many budgets and lifestyles. NRG is excited to provide resources to help guide you in your EV journey because we believe tomorrow’s roadways will look drastically different from today’s.

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