We have answers to the most commonly asked questions about our plans and how to sign up.

Signing up FAQs

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What is Energy Choice and what does it mean to have a choice in where my energy comes from?
What benefits are there to switching my energy provider to NRG?
What do I have to do to switch?
How do I know which of your plans is right for me?
Are there any fees to switch?
How long does it take to switch?
Will my service be interrupted while switching?
Who do I call if I have problems with my service?
How do I cancel or switch back?
I'm moving. How do I continue service with NRG at a new address?
How long will NRG provide my energy service?
Where can I find current and historical pricing?

Energy FAQs

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Where does my energy come from?
How are NRG's energy prices different from the utility or other energy companies?
Are there options to pay the same fixed energy supply price every month?

Natural Gas FAQs

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Does NRG provide natural gas service?
How is natural gas measured?
Can I switch my natural gas service in addition to switching my electricity service?

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